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Well first of all CONGRATS!!!!!  Wow, that is great that you guys will be or were on the TODAY show.  I absolutely love SENDaBALL!

In May, my daughter competed as a 6th grader in the Junior High track sectionals.  She made it to state.  My friend Natilee sent her a ball that said “Have a ball at State”.

Cassidy (my daughter) absolutely loved it!  She competed at state and got first in the 7th grade girls 400 M dash! Cassidy wins! It was awesome.  Another dear friend sent her a ball congratulating her on her gold.  My daughter is 12 and constantly plays volleyball or catch with those balls while she watches tv – not in my family room thank goodness but in the rec room in the basement.

Your small business was a big part of a very cool time for my kid!

I certainly will be using your company in the future.  Kudos to you for answering my email so quickly.  Very best wishes to you and your company!

Sheri Strohl

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