You left your ball in your yard.

Yeah, THAT BALL!My sister just called me laughing hysterically! There had been a red ball in her front yard for days now with some neighborhood kids periodically playing with it. she kept thinking, why don’t those kids come get their ball out of my yard?

Well, today she decided to go out and get it only to find out that it was for her! All of the stamps were in disarray and it was definitely used but she still loved it!

One thing that we do know is that it probably did not arrive in a bag or something from the postal carrier–I think they just left it on the porch. That would explain why it got out into the yard!

Mr. C, just kickin' it.

The Stahl's BallsMy sister absolutely loves the ball and asked me where I got it from. I’m sure that she will be sending some along to others too! I have sent them to family members all year for birthday gifts.


Cheryl Chappell

Our Balls Travel the World!


Wanted to let you know that the ball made it safe and sound to Guam! It seems that the reason it took so long to get there was because it was sent to Palau by accident. My mother said that you could tell that the mail people were having a blast playing with the ball as it got processess and shipped around the worlds – there were faded marks on the ink where it had been bounced around and some people acutually wrote little happy birthday wishes from Palau and California!

Thanks again,

Just around the corner . . .


Well first of all CONGRATS!!!!!  Wow, that is great that you guys will be or were on the TODAY show.  I absolutely love SENDaBALL!

In May, my daughter competed as a 6th grader in the Junior High track sectionals.  She made it to state.  My friend Natilee sent her a ball that said “Have a ball at State”.

Cassidy (my daughter) absolutely loved it!  She competed at state and got first in the 7th grade girls 400 M dash! Cassidy wins! It was awesome.  Another dear friend sent her a ball congratulating her on her gold.  My daughter is 12 and constantly plays volleyball or catch with those balls while she watches tv – not in my family room thank goodness but in the rec room in the basement.

Your small business was a big part of a very cool time for my kid!

I certainly will be using your company in the future.  Kudos to you for answering my email so quickly.  Very best wishes to you and your company!

Sheri Strohl

Dogs Love Us!

I heard about Send A Ball on Johnny B’s show – I thought I would send it to my daughter and son-in-law for their second wedding anniversary.  Sabrina was home the day the mail lady pulled up to their mail box for street delivery.

She watched the post lady from a small window attempting to fit “whatever” in the mail box without any success, eventually forcing her to exit the truck and put the delivery on the chair on her front porch.

Sabrina waited until the mail truck pulled away and down the street before she opened the door slowly, her dog, Bailey, was excited to see the ball. Within minutes, she was in the house and calling me at work to tell me I was crazy and couldn’t wait for her husband to come home to see what her crazy mother sent.

Thanks again – I plan to use Send A Ball often – Jeanne

Who needs a beach ball when you can have a Send a Ball?


I would like to thank you for helping me make my sister’s day. She is a dolphin trainer in Bermuda and although it sounds like an amazing job, it still has its ups and downs. The bouncing ball she received, complete with the Christmas wish, certainly made her smile. Living so far away from her is hard, but it was great to know a ball could cheer her up.

Thanks again for an amazing idea!


My sister having a ball!A dolphin having a ball!

You think YOU had a bad day?


My daughter Gabby was having a very bad week. She slammed her finger in the car door one day, which resulted in the loss of her finger nail. Then the next day she fell off a swing and hit her head on the swing set pole at pre-school. We had to take her to Urgent Care to make sure she didn’t have a concussion. She ended up with a black eye for a week.

My mother-in-law phoned to check in on us and we told her about Gabby’s mishaps. Within a couple of days we got this red ball in the mail that said, “Bounce back soon . . . Sorry to hear about your accidents, Grandma Jeanne”.  It was the neatest thing ever!

My daughter was bouncing it on the floor when I got home from work. My husband told me that it had come in the mail from his mom. Gabby couldn’t have been happier, it really made her accident week better. My mother-in-law had gotten a ball herself from one of her co-workers as a thank you for a project she had done at work and thought it would be a good “pick me up” for Gabby.Gabby having a ball!

Then after we got the ball a co-worker of mine , Deanna, had just had reconstruction surgery for breast cancer. I thought this would be a good “pick me up” for her.  I sent the ball to her.  Her husband had to go in the post office to pick up their mail. She said when he came out of the post office he was laughing. He couldn’t believe an inflated ball had come through the mail. Deanna said it really made her week after having to sit at home and recover from surgery for so long.

Erin M. Mauzy