Learning to BLOG as a Ball expert.

One of the first things I’ve learned, being in the BALL BUSINESS, is that there is NO END to the BALL JOKES.  I love them and I am never offended.  Seeing as tho I have four boys, a husband and a boy dog, not only is my OFFICE filled with balls, so is my home!!!  This summer my family took a trip from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest in a giant RV.  We called the trip “BALLS ACROSS AMERICA”.   Turns out that we encountered many BIG things, and many BALLS along the way.  Here is a picture of my four boys which they have titled, “protect your balls across america”.  Funny guys, very funny.  I found this on the camera when I was downloading.  Funny.  Funny.  If I can figure out how to include the photo in this blog – it is a funny one.  Otherwise – check out our facebook page.

Have a BALL celebrating today.


P.S.  Please feel free to email me anytime you have a comment, or suggestion, or if you would like a sample ball.  We have balls, and we are happy to share!!!  michele@sendaball.com

Making The World A Better Place One Ball at a Time!

This is our customer service policy in action!

The first letter:

To whom it may concern:

Hi!  My name is Alexeyeva Smith.  I just want to start off saying that I  think this is the coolest idea, ever!  Thank you for creating SENDaBALL. It’s just too fun.  I was first introduced to SENDaBALL by a co-worker of a friend of mine – she received a ball and together we all checked out  your web site.  Keep up the great work!

 This email is sent to you with sincere sentiments.  Attached you will find some pictures of the ball I ordered for my partner, Kyle.  Unfortunately,  it got damaged in transit.  As per the FAQ section of the web site  (What if the ball arrived deflated or popped?  Very rare, but not impossible. The post office has instructions to return the ball to US if it is deflated or popped and we will ship out a new one lickety split. BUT, on the rare occasion that a ball does arrive deflated or popped, PLEASE EMAIL  OR CALL US and we will ship out a new one. We have shipped thousands and thousands of balls, this is EXTREMELY RARE.),  I am sending an email. 

The bag the ball was delivered in did not have any instructions on how to send it back.  What do you think the next step should be?

Thank you for taking time to read this email.

I hope these words find you well and in good health and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enjoy your day,
Alexeyeva Smith

SENDaBALL founder, owner, chief cook and bottle washer, Michele K., responds:


I am so sorry!
I am making up a new one right this minute and will take it to the post office myself at noon to PRIORITY MAIL it to him so he can get it before the Dec 18th date.

Gosh – I will also refund you.  I hate that this happened.  But thank you so much for the kind words and for understanding that sometimes things happen – the post office should have read the instructions on the ball to return it to me – but either way – i’m glad you emailed me so quickly.


And was our customer pleased?


Thank you for the email.  And thank you for sending a new ball!  That’s
just awesome.   🙂
Of course I understand things happen – that’s just how it is, sometimes.
No worries.  Thanks for being so quick to respond.  I greatly appreciate
it.  I can’t wait to see the look on Kyle’s face when he gets a ball!

Again, keep up the great work!  SENDaBALL is just amazing!

Alexeyeva Smith

Women’s World Magazine Coupon!

Dear SENDaBALL customers;

Just a quick note to let you know there is a coupon running in Women’s World Magazine for $5 off each SENDaBALL ordered before 12/31/07.

We didn’t want you to miss out!

Here is the Code to enter when you see the COUPON BOX: WWMAG

Here’s hoping you Have a BALL celebrating the season, we plan to DECK THE BALLS around here!

(this link should take you right to the store page www.sendaball.com/store)

Best Wishes,
Online Promo Code: WWMAG
Offer Expires December 31, 2007
Forward email

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SENDaBALL, Inc. | 5341 N McVicker Ave | Chicago | IL | 60630

Fa la, la la, laaaa; la la, la, laaaaaaa!


“Deck the Balls” sounds either very athletic, or slightly risque!

Thank you for the coupon–and congratulations for being featured in Womens World. I sent my nephew a ball for his 5th (thank you for doing that) and it was a great hit. The mailperson was even impressed.

Happy Holidays and continued good luck and success,


Love, Texas Style!

Hi, Michele!

I am sitting in Central Texas watching televisions and whom might I see? YOU and your sister…will your idea make millions? Of course, it will! I am so excited for you. I will continue to spread the word about your amazing personalized service!

I love SendABall! More importantly, I love how you know who I am and make each ball special. I am so glad to have met you a few years ago at the Jeff Fest. If my daughter, Natalie, had not had a birthday on that day, I would never have known what a great idea was before me. Thanks  for offering her a ball that day. 🙂

Feel free to use my note as a testimonal.

Congrats again!

Merrylinn Grusch

Our Postal Angel!

Good Morning, Michele! 🙂
I saw you and your lovely (both of you are) sister on TV before I left for Chicago. I thank you so much for mailing your SENDaBALLs via the Postal Service. It’s getting to be I look for them every night..and when I run across one, I just smile and say…”I know Michele would want me to get this forwarded ASAP!” So…look at it this way…you’ve outbounced the competition! I commend you and your sister on a fine business!

When you make it to the (what am I saying) big time, remember I’ll still be there getting them
from here to there! 🙂

Again…please stop by and say “Hello” sometime. I truly believe that you both should have a “MySpace” site too…it would spread all over!

Lots Of Love & Much Peace To You Both!

~*William Christopher Mitchell*~
Your “Postal Angel” At The Irving Park Road Processing & Distribution Center
At O’Hare Airport! 🙂

Santa Sent a Ball?


I’ve actually been meaning to send you guys this story, but I’m a busy law student and keep forgetting.

So here’s my story:

My boyfriend’s little sister was 8 years old this past Christmas and had been questioning whether Santa existed.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I like keeping kids believing in Santa as long as possible.  My boyfriend had sent me a Send-a-Ball a couple months earlier and I thought it was wonderful.  When he told me his sister was doubting Santa, I knew Send A Ball would keep her believing.

About two weeks before Christmas, I sent her a ball–from Santa.  A few days later, it arrived at her house.  She found it on the porch with their mom after school.  Immediately, she asked if mom had sent it.  When mom said no, she was like “…so Dad sent it?”  Mom again said no.  His sister looked confused for a minute and then became really excited.  She picked up the ball and said “What did I do that was so good Santa sent me a ball early?”  After that, she and the ball were inseparable.  She even thanked Santa for the ball in her Christmas Eve note accompanying his milk and cookies!

In essence, you guys have helped make sure my boyfriend’s sister will believe in Santa hopefully for years to come.  An impressive feat, given her age and the way kids are today!

Thanks so much!