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Santa Sent a Ball?


I’ve actually been meaning to send you guys this story, but I’m a busy law student and keep forgetting.

So here’s my story:

My boyfriend’s little sister was 8 years old this past Christmas and had been questioning whether Santa existed.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I like keeping kids believing in Santa as long as possible.  My boyfriend had sent me a Send-a-Ball a couple months earlier and I thought it was wonderful.  When he told me his sister was doubting Santa, I knew Send A Ball would keep her believing.

About two weeks before Christmas, I sent her a ball–from Santa.  A few days later, it arrived at her house.  She found it on the porch with their mom after school.  Immediately, she asked if mom had sent it.  When mom said no, she was like “…so Dad sent it?”  Mom again said no.  His sister looked confused for a minute and then became really excited.  She picked up the ball and said “What did I do that was so good Santa sent me a ball early?”  After that, she and the ball were inseparable.  She even thanked Santa for the ball in her Christmas Eve note accompanying his milk and cookies!

In essence, you guys have helped make sure my boyfriend’s sister will believe in Santa hopefully for years to come.  An impressive feat, given her age and the way kids are today!

Thanks so much!

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