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Learning to BLOG as a Ball expert.

One of the first things I’ve learned, being in the BALL BUSINESS, is that there is NO END to the BALL JOKES.  I love them and I am never offended.  Seeing as tho I have four boys, a husband and a boy dog, not only is my OFFICE filled with balls, so is my home!!!  This summer my family took a trip from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest in a giant RV.  We called the trip “BALLS ACROSS AMERICA”.   Turns out that we encountered many BIG things, and many BALLS along the way.  Here is a picture of my four boys which they have titled, “protect your balls across america”.  Funny guys, very funny.  I found this on the camera when I was downloading.  Funny.  Funny.  If I can figure out how to include the photo in this blog – it is a funny one.  Otherwise – check out our facebook page.

Have a BALL celebrating today.


P.S.  Please feel free to email me anytime you have a comment, or suggestion, or if you would like a sample ball.  We have balls, and we are happy to share!!!  michele@sendaball.com

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