Japan’s Got a Thing for our Balls

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I think, translated, it says WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

是 不是厌烦送别人这样那样的贺卡了?是不是厌烦受到别人乱七八糟的纸片了?设计再变,还是一张卡片,看完就不知道去拿了!有没有什么新鲜的方法送给别人祝 福?有!就不知道你能不能接受。来,送个球把(不是吹个球,吹个大气球那个…)!SendaBall就是能通过邮局邮寄的祝福球。其实本质上就是一个排球 大小的聚乙烯球。你可以在上面写上任何祝福的话。SendaBall印好以后,通过美国邮政一等邮件寄送(不骗你,真的可以寄!加3美刀,还可以寄国际, 虽然慢点…)。虽然和贺卡一样受到没啥大用处,但是对方会牢牢记住你!抓紧时间,到时候是个人都寄的时候就来不及了(就会有公司出来叫“寄个卡吧”)…生 产商:SendaBall Inc. 价格:19.95美元. 产品主页:SendaBall.

You left your ball in your yard.

Yeah, THAT BALL!My sister just called me laughing hysterically! There had been a red ball in her front yard for days now with some neighborhood kids periodically playing with it. she kept thinking, why don’t those kids come get their ball out of my yard?

Well, today she decided to go out and get it only to find out that it was for her! All of the stamps were in disarray and it was definitely used but she still loved it!

One thing that we do know is that it probably did not arrive in a bag or something from the postal carrier–I think they just left it on the porch. That would explain why it got out into the yard!

Mr. C, just kickin' it.

The Stahl's BallsMy sister absolutely loves the ball and asked me where I got it from. I’m sure that she will be sending some along to others too! I have sent them to family members all year for birthday gifts.


Cheryl Chappell