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“Thank You So Much!!! I wasn't there when he got the ball, but I could feel the smile and the happiness come through the phone when he described the moment he received it from the mailman. Appreciate your responses to my emails and thanks so much again!”


“Wanted to let you know what fun everyone has had with just one of your balls. Our sister-in-law is a bank manager in CT. Her birthday was Friday. First of all the ball arrived exactly on her birthday, which was a pleasant surprise--since you had been gracious enough to warn about shipping delays. The recipient said all of her employees were playing with the ball on-and-off during the day. Several commented about the clever idea and how they would use it for gifts in the future. I do hope it brings you added clients. As the postman was going out the door he turned around and said everyone in the post office was fascinated and had played with it. Just wanted to thank you for the fun that was had on both ends of this transaction. Have not yet heard about the second ball we sent to TN. But the CT delivery was a great success. Thank you for the clever idea, the notifications, the prompt service and most of all the fun that this gift provided for many.”

Tammy Ainsworth

“Thank you for what you do. We fell in love with you two when you appeared on Shark Tank and we sent one of your balls to my sister who has not smiled since being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Below is her response to receiving your ball: ``What a hoot! My mailman personally delivered the ball today. This was the first time he had ever seen one of these and wanted to meet me and ask who would send me something like this. He was quite impressed by the positive attention you gave me. I am going to show this thing to all my friends who come to visit. I'm sure they will start sending them to their friends too. Thanks, Smiling Julie`` Thanks for making a difference in people's lives”

Robert Rent

“So the magic lives on... Boys were thrilled to hear from Bob and couldn't quite figure out how all that happened. It was cute. And yes... the ball is once again being launched at each other and constantly being bounced in the house! As a mom of boys- I know you get it! Thanks again for your kindness!”


“Hi Michele, I just wanted to drop a quick note to to confirm what you already know! This whole ball thing you guys do, makes the folks who receive them just bounce with joy! My friend told me about Sendaball, so of course I checked it out. I thought it would be a great idea to send one to my dad (papa) from my son, Colton, for father's day. Colton is his first grandchild (blood related) and at the age of 2 LOVES balls! All he babbles about is balls! Since we do not live within an easy visiting vicinity, I just thought it'd be fun to send as a little reminder of where Colton is in terms of 'stages'. My dad was so happy...he said it really made his day. In fact, he said it made his mailman's day too! My parents rarely see the mailman, so when the doorbell rang and my dad looked out the peephole, he said the mailman was grinning from ear to ear and that it was just really cute to see this 6'3`` gentle giant with a huge smile. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your balls make a difference on a daily basis! Thanks!”

Brenda Cardinal