Our Balls are Second to Nun!


Just want to give you an update on yet another ball delivery.

I sent a ball to my cousin, Sister Dorothy, who is a nun. She was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and was paralyzed from the waist up. Happily, with treatment she is improving steadily.

The ball has aided in her recovery because her therapy is to get moving. People toss the ball to her and she can easily catch it thereby using her hands and arms.

Needless to say, the ball caused quite a sensation at the convent and at the hospital. She took it to her rehab and they all loved it. None had ever heard of your wonderful balls and once again you and I have provided a large group of people with some fun and, most importantly, healing.

I’ve taken advantage of your ‘special’ and sent another ball off to a friend for her birthday.

Thanks for what you do…providing joy and encouragement!



Dear Lenoir;

Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I don’t know if I told you, but my sister and I send our children (we have 7 between us) to Catholic school, so stories like this to share with them help us to illustrate how our faith touches daily life.

I just adore stories like this – they truly do make my day and remind me why I do this kind of work.

Thank you again for sharing – I remember doing that ball – and I am so glad she is enjoying it!!!



Problem? No Problem!


I messed up big time! Help, please! I ordered two balls. BOTH should say “Have a Ball” but one looks like it says “HAD a Ball”. Please correct that. Also, If possible, may I add first names prior to “Have a Ball”? If so, please add Scott to the one going to Texas and Michelle to the one going to New Mexico. Please let me know you got this and whether or not the changes were made. Thank you so much. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.


I’ll fix it up no problem!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate the outstanding customer service you provide. It is a pleasure doing business with you!


Send-A-Ball, the perfect BALLentine gift!

The balls I ordered went to our youngest grandchildren – 2 and a half years
old and almost 3 years old.

After the balls arrived the parents called us and each little boy screamed
with excitement over getting a red (thank you for making that perfect
Valentine color choice) Valentine ball in the mail. Each child assured us
their ball bounced really really high and told us about an added treat that
I had not thought of – getting to remove the stamps themselves!

I didn’t tell Grandpa how much these balls cost but after talking to our
little guys on the phone I doubt that he would even raise an eyebrow, but
since he didn’t ask I’m still not going to say.

Thanks for making two children very happy –

Loyal Customers Make Our Day!


Thank you for checking into the delayed arrival of our ball – I just got a call that confirmed the
delivery – They LOVED IT!!

Thank you again for your assistance – keep up the great work – your
customer service was great! – and your product is great too!

I will be a loyal customer in the future!

Thanks again,
Valerie Senneker

Our Balls Travel the World!


Wanted to let you know that the ball made it safe and sound to Guam! It seems that the reason it took so long to get there was because it was sent to Palau by accident. My mother said that you could tell that the mail people were having a blast playing with the ball as it got processess and shipped around the worlds – there were faded marks on the ink where it had been bounced around and some people acutually wrote little happy birthday wishes from Palau and California!

Thanks again,

Just around the corner . . .

You’re Welcome!


I was just writing to say “Thank you” for the delivery of the Birthday Ball to Bill Badgett in Charlotte, NC. He received the ball yesterday at his work and got a big kick out of it as did his co-workers.

I appreciate you getting it delivered in the time frame I had asked for.

I am sure I will be using your company in the future for friends and relatives! What a great idea you have come up with!

Thank you very much!
Mike Coley

These customers are all smiles!


I had you mail 5 balls this week to our National Sales Meeting in Orlando, our CEO, PRES., and 3 V.P.’s received them. Your company was the talk of our meeting, we have 2,000 people here. We’re in the dental supply business, you should see a lot of orders going out to dental offices.

Thanks, it was a lot of fun!

Joe Fazzio
Sullivan-Schein Dental


Well first of all CONGRATS!!!!!  Wow, that is great that you guys will be or were on the TODAY show.  I absolutely love SENDaBALL!

In May, my daughter competed as a 6th grader in the Junior High track sectionals.  She made it to state.  My friend Natilee sent her a ball that said “Have a ball at State”.

Cassidy (my daughter) absolutely loved it!  She competed at state and got first in the 7th grade girls 400 M dash! Cassidy wins! It was awesome.  Another dear friend sent her a ball congratulating her on her gold.  My daughter is 12 and constantly plays volleyball or catch with those balls while she watches tv – not in my family room thank goodness but in the rec room in the basement.

Your small business was a big part of a very cool time for my kid!

I certainly will be using your company in the future.  Kudos to you for answering my email so quickly.  Very best wishes to you and your company!

Sheri Strohl

Another Happy Customer!


In the last year or two I’ve sent several balls and a sand pail to family and friends. Send A Ball objects are as much fun to send as they are to receive. The notes and emails and phone calls I receive from recipients all  remark upon how unique it is to get a ball or pail “unboxed” in the mail.

My sister’s mail carrier said the entire post office played with the ball  before it went out to my sister. These are folks who have delivered mail for years and not one of them had ever delivered a unpackaged ball before. They couldn’t wait until my sister received it!

My Dad keeps his pail on the patio for his garden trowels.

Not only did you guys fulfill my orders, you delightfully personalized each ball and pail. I appreciated that so much!

Send A Ball is in my Favorites. I think of you guys first when I want to give someone a boost on a special occasion or just to let someone know I’m thinking about them.

Peace and best wishes,

Jan Meng