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Another Happy Customer!


In the last year or two I’ve sent several balls and a sand pail to family and friends. Send A Ball objects are as much fun to send as they are to receive. The notes and emails and phone calls I receive from recipients all  remark upon how unique it is to get a ball or pail “unboxed” in the mail.

My sister’s mail carrier said the entire post office played with the ball  before it went out to my sister. These are folks who have delivered mail for years and not one of them had ever delivered a unpackaged ball before. They couldn’t wait until my sister received it!

My Dad keeps his pail on the patio for his garden trowels.

Not only did you guys fulfill my orders, you delightfully personalized each ball and pail. I appreciated that so much!

Send A Ball is in my Favorites. I think of you guys first when I want to give someone a boost on a special occasion or just to let someone know I’m thinking about them.

Peace and best wishes,

Jan Meng

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