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Our Postal Angel!

Good Morning, Michele! 🙂
I saw you and your lovely (both of you are) sister on TV before I left for Chicago. I thank you so much for mailing your SENDaBALLs via the Postal Service. It’s getting to be I look for them every night..and when I run across one, I just smile and say…”I know Michele would want me to get this forwarded ASAP!” So…look at it this way…you’ve outbounced the competition! I commend you and your sister on a fine business!

When you make it to the (what am I saying) big time, remember I’ll still be there getting them
from here to there! 🙂

Again…please stop by and say “Hello” sometime. I truly believe that you both should have a “MySpace” site too…it would spread all over!

Lots Of Love & Much Peace To You Both!

~*William Christopher Mitchell*~
Your “Postal Angel” At The Irving Park Road Processing & Distribution Center
At O’Hare Airport! 🙂

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