Learning to BLOG as a Ball expert.

One of the first things I’ve learned, being in the BALL BUSINESS, is that there is NO END to the BALL JOKES.  I love them and I am never offended.  Seeing as tho I have four boys, a husband and a boy dog, not only is my OFFICE filled with balls, so is my home!!!  This summer my family took a trip from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest in a giant RV.  We called the trip “BALLS ACROSS AMERICA”.   Turns out that we encountered many BIG things, and many BALLS along the way.  Here is a picture of my four boys which they have titled, “protect your balls across america”.  Funny guys, very funny.  I found this on the camera when I was downloading.  Funny.  Funny.  If I can figure out how to include the photo in this blog – it is a funny one.  Otherwise – check out our facebook page.

Have a BALL celebrating today.


P.S.  Please feel free to email me anytime you have a comment, or suggestion, or if you would like a sample ball.  We have balls, and we are happy to share!!!  michele@sendaball.com

Today on TODAY

Today was such a wonderful day! I was lucky enough to be invited
to the TODAY SHOW to be included in a segment about starting your
business. The sendaball story is included in a new book: THE BIG IDEA
by Donny Deutsch. It is on page 86. WOW. So awesome to meet everyone.

Our Balls are Second to Nun!


Just want to give you an update on yet another ball delivery.

I sent a ball to my cousin, Sister Dorothy, who is a nun. She was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and was paralyzed from the waist up. Happily, with treatment she is improving steadily.

The ball has aided in her recovery because her therapy is to get moving. People toss the ball to her and she can easily catch it thereby using her hands and arms.

Needless to say, the ball caused quite a sensation at the convent and at the hospital. She took it to her rehab and they all loved it. None had ever heard of your wonderful balls and once again you and I have provided a large group of people with some fun and, most importantly, healing.

I’ve taken advantage of your ‘special’ and sent another ball off to a friend for her birthday.

Thanks for what you do…providing joy and encouragement!



Dear Lenoir;

Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I don’t know if I told you, but my sister and I send our children (we have 7 between us) to Catholic school, so stories like this to share with them help us to illustrate how our faith touches daily life.

I just adore stories like this – they truly do make my day and remind me why I do this kind of work.

Thank you again for sharing – I remember doing that ball – and I am so glad she is enjoying it!!!



Problem? No Problem!


I messed up big time! Help, please! I ordered two balls. BOTH should say “Have a Ball” but one looks like it says “HAD a Ball”. Please correct that. Also, If possible, may I add first names prior to “Have a Ball”? If so, please add Scott to the one going to Texas and Michelle to the one going to New Mexico. Please let me know you got this and whether or not the changes were made. Thank you so much. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.


I’ll fix it up no problem!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate the outstanding customer service you provide. It is a pleasure doing business with you!


Japan’s Got a Thing for our Balls

This is the entry posted at http://www.keeho.com/?p=32.

I think, translated, it says WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

是 不是厌烦送别人这样那样的贺卡了?是不是厌烦受到别人乱七八糟的纸片了?设计再变,还是一张卡片,看完就不知道去拿了!有没有什么新鲜的方法送给别人祝 福?有!就不知道你能不能接受。来,送个球把(不是吹个球,吹个大气球那个…)!SendaBall就是能通过邮局邮寄的祝福球。其实本质上就是一个排球 大小的聚乙烯球。你可以在上面写上任何祝福的话。SendaBall印好以后,通过美国邮政一等邮件寄送(不骗你,真的可以寄!加3美刀,还可以寄国际, 虽然慢点…)。虽然和贺卡一样受到没啥大用处,但是对方会牢牢记住你!抓紧时间,到时候是个人都寄的时候就来不及了(就会有公司出来叫“寄个卡吧”)…生 产商:SendaBall Inc. 价格:19.95美元. 产品主页:SendaBall.

Send-A-Ball, the perfect BALLentine gift!

The balls I ordered went to our youngest grandchildren – 2 and a half years
old and almost 3 years old.

After the balls arrived the parents called us and each little boy screamed
with excitement over getting a red (thank you for making that perfect
Valentine color choice) Valentine ball in the mail. Each child assured us
their ball bounced really really high and told us about an added treat that
I had not thought of – getting to remove the stamps themselves!

I didn’t tell Grandpa how much these balls cost but after talking to our
little guys on the phone I doubt that he would even raise an eyebrow, but
since he didn’t ask I’m still not going to say.

Thanks for making two children very happy –